Admiring anyone that is into anything Techno, from Clubbers, Producers, Promoter’s to Players alike. It takes a lot to make a scene what it is and with Techno it has always... read more
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Location: Newcastle, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Genre: Techno

Admiring anyone that is into anything Techno, from Clubbers, Producers, Promoter’s to Players alike. It takes a lot to make a scene what it is and with Techno it has always maintained an underground essence and yet still evolves with new innovations, new sounds and new names as-well as old.

Paul Lindley has followed Techno for the past 21 years and has been lucky enough to be involved with the many paths it has taken over time. From the early sound of Acid to Jungle Techno, Hardcore and Gabba, Hard Tech Trance, Tribal to the present Deep, Electric Twisted feel of today. Techno has taken many a direction and definitely kept coming back on itself and bettering its beats each time.

Present day music has a very different motive, “saying that it is about quality rather than quantity” in his eyes, and Paul uses this to his advantage and incorporates the two. Playing much longer sets when DJing so he can take a night in very different directions, he ensures the crowd Comes 1st and keeps them doing so with added energy of his own.

Paul’s career really started after leaving the North East of England in 1991 to work and reside in Germany. He traveled the country clubbing & eventually playing and building a reputation along the way. Soon bookings and residencies in many of the reputable underground clubs he surpassed assisted Paul in venturing over the borders to Holland, Belgium and Denmark frequently, to take grasp of an evolving scene that played part to some of the best parties he has witnessed. Work also took Paul further afield; Croatia, Canada, Africa and the Middle East, which have revealed an inspiration he presents today.

A return back to the UK in 2004, a move he deeply regretted at the time, as club events were dominated by big parties and big music that was similar to each others nights. Most clubs and promoters did not seem to push out boundaries, something that made Paul think hard about what direction the whole the dance scene was going.

Still playing out at nights, Paul’s music and sets were still very much adored and he was repeatedly asked, “what for music is that?” and “where do get your tunes?” Knowing there was a call for the sound Paul had brought from his time away abroad, it wasn’t long before he founded his own night ‘Come Up’ so to introduce more international influence that was the making of some of the best parties he had surpassed around the world.

Come Up is a night, a party that incorporates the best of Techno and is well structured musically with the guidance of its residents; Cush, Matt Meredith and Define Digital as-well as many of the respected guests that play along the way. Come Up has had a succession of events in Birmingham, Stoke, Leeds, Blackpool, Manchester and London over the past 3 Years; including a residency at Cocoon UK and also nominated as best headline act at ‘Seasons Festival 08’



Paul Lindley