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Paul Keeley

Montreal, Canada

Electronica, Tech House

Anjunabeats, Anjunadeep, Armada Music
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After being born, living for 28 years (consisting of the usual eating, sleeping, and moderate drinking), and moving from one end of Canada to the other and back again, Paul Keeley now resides in the artistically-rich city of Montreal. currently, he is enjoying it immensely.

Paul has been releasing music online on two well-known netlabels for the past 3 years: Thinner, and Epsilonlab. While the earlier material released on thinner retains a mellower and smoother aesthetic, his more recent work on Epsilonlab personifies a funkier, more aggressive dancefloor-oriented style. between the two labels, both sides of his interpretations of house and techno have had a chance to grow and flourish. Check the music page for a comprehensive list of links to the releases.

In January of 2007, Paul released his first full-length lp on Epsilonlab entitled blunt etiquette. It is comprised of his new musical work created during the previous year and emodies his signature style of deep funkiness, with undertones of minimal and electro. The entire album can be downloaded via, and a continuous album mix by the Autist can be found on the Epsilonlab release page.

In early 2005, a three-track vinyl ep was released under Pulsewith, a Barcelona-based label (now a thriving netlabel) to critical acclaim. While the tracks found on the release were mostly older material, written even before Paul’s first thinner release, they nonetheless garnered great attention. the album is currently available worldwide through various online distributors, including

Mr. Keeley also writes music under the moniker ‘Gyges’. this alias supports the more experimental, and oftentimes ambient side of his musical personality. He released the popular composite massive album on the Canadian netlabel panospria in 2002, consisting of four very long, very drone-oriented pieces which are sure to bring about mild bouts of vertigo and euphoria upon listening. Another notable release as Gyges was in 2005 on the Montreal-based archipel label/netlabel, entitled “thinly veiled as music” and consisting of smooth minimal techno, a couple of dark and wet ambient/atmospheric pieces, and a 1-hour hard/textural/techno live set recorded in august of 2005.

…By Paul himself