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Paul Hemming

San Francisco, United States

Temple Music Group
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This true SF music visionary was not born, but instead he was forged from his Seattle hip-hop and rock roots to his bay area art and film school sensibilities. Paul has always walked a fine line with balance and focus. His electronic music compositions carry a strong conviction to detail along with the booming beats and synth melodies. In a word, his compositions represent “BASS”.

New ideas, artistic visions and music insights spring forth from his otherwise centered body. As a label owner and DJ he is always set on pushing the sonic boundaries with little regret. In 2007 he launched the Zen Compound, home to Temple nightclub and Prana restaurant, an ambitious creative site grounded in his love for music, art, Eastern aesthetics and bringing the world together. Like similar large-scale Bay Area music projects (think Burning Man, and the City’s many festivals and street fairs), Temple nightclub and Temple Music Group (TMG) represent Hemming’s integrated artistic vision. His passions and experiences are incorporated throughout all his projects, such as including Asian sculpture in the nightclub space, or the recently released Prana music compilation, which features Eastern-tinged electronic compositions by Hemming and other TMG artists. Launching both the Nightclub and label simultaneously illustrates that Hemming has big plans for both his own artistic output and TMG’s growing roster.

Hemming’s many music productions span multiple genres from chunky disco grooves through richly melodic house music, solid breakbeak tunes and organic downtempo tracks. A lifelong music connoisseur, Hemming’s years of club, A&R and dance music retail experience is reflected in tracks that are cinematic, passionate and layered with colorful instrumentation. These features are also expressed in Temple, a multi-level, ecologically sustainable dance venue. With releases on several labels, and many to come on his own Temple Music Group imprint, Paul Hemming’s music will be banging out of club systems for some time.