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Paul Hazendonk, born in the suburbs of Rotterdam in 1982, was busy with music as long as everyone could ever remember. Always ‘being the DJ’ at birthday-parties and school-parties.

Being a real house DJ all started back in 1994, when he saw a TV-documentary about the Dutch ‘Mystery Land’ festival. That was the first time he’d seen real house DJ’s in action. From that point on he only wanted one thing: being a DJ himself. Soon after that moment he bought his first turntables and mixer….

After a lot of practice, his first small success came in 1997, when he won a DJ-contest on the local radio at age 15. He won the same DJ-contest again in 1998. At that moment it was proved that Paul was talented, however since he was only 16 years old at that time, no-one took him seriously at the moment.

This all changed in 2001, after he got in contact with the Swedish agency ‘Cat Productions’. They brought him to Sweden for a mini tour, which was a huge success. After that, the interest for Paul was also growing in his homecountry. He started playing on lots of smaller parties on a regular basis, and got discovered by MAW Agency. After that he played at parties and festivals such as Ultrashock (Extrema), FFWD Dance Parade (Rotterdam), MAW (Nighttown), Astatic (Asta), Club Risk (WvS), Xcess (Las Palmas) and Dancehill Festival (Tilburg) where he played next to well established DJ’s such as Luke Slater, Samuel L Session, Billy Nasty, Chris Liebing and Gene Farris. Next to that, he also played in France, and he has a residence at Croatian club ‘Extravaganza’.

Paul Hazendonk’s music-style is not that easy to describe: He likes to combine elements of techno and tech-house, but sometimes he will also play an exclusive club/grooves-set.

Early 2002 Paul Hazendonk compiled “Lost Treasures – Technonic Circles” wich was released on Guardian Angel (sub label of Basic Beat Recordings). At that time the mix was done by Doc Fabian. However, a few months later Paul proved he is also capable doing it all by himself after compiling and mixing ‘MAW presents Technique’ (release date 21.10.2002). Reviews on this debut CD were very good.

At this moment Paul is running two labels: Technique and Work Hard Play Hard.

Underground, deep and (sometimes) hard techno is the sound for his Technique label wich presents artists like Mhonolink, Jerome, 303F, Gideon and Synergetic. Groovy, funky techno/techhouse with crossover potential is the sound of Work Hard Play Hard, with artists such as DJ Misjah, DJ Hansz, Alex Sword, Ivan Komlinovic and Roelz. Also you can expect some wicked releases by Paul Hazendonk himself on these labels!

Reading the story about makes one thing very clear: Paul Hazendonk is a big talent, and a big promise for the future!