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Paul Hannon

Auckland, New Zealand

Funk / R&B, House, Tech House

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Firstly, I’d like to mention that this website is just awful, like really terrible and should not in anyway be thought of as accurate AT ALL and whoever designed it must have worse eyesight than Stevie Wonder.


In the late 70’s government scientists working in secret underground bunker sought to create a new breed of super DJ.

They combined subsonic bass, high torque electric motors & synthesizer riffs captured from a downed alien spacecraft. They then bombarded this combination with gamma radiation. When the smoke cleared and the radiation lowered to a safe level they opened the chamber to inspect their creation… they could not believe their eyes, there before them stood Paul Hannon!

Something had gone terribly wrong, but their collective gasps were drowned out as the monster dropped it’s first tune, "Rock me Amadeus " and destroyed the test dance floor. His selections were better than anyone could have foreseen and the poor souls who were in the building that day were crushed to death in a mad rush to book Paul for their weddings, corporate functions & product launches.

Thought lost for decades, rumour has it that Paul still can be heard playing other peoples music for money in various cities around the world.

If you see him, contact your local law enforcement agency.