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Paul Gilmore

Innsbruck, Austria

Electronica, Progressive House

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Paul was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, in the early 80’s and as many kids, back in the day, was subjected to rock music. There really were not as many options. There was radio, tapes & old records that belonged to his father. Purple, Zeppelin, Janis, Jimmy and Jim, all came down to the backbone of his “rock music” attitude.

Music and electronica, for that matter, came while abroad in the UK, during his academic years. There he was exposed to the sounds of the entire club scene as well as it’s “patriarchs”. The sparkle was there and it ignited with the purchase of a couple of old and weary MK2 turntables. Several months later, the “dj” ability was acquired, and flourished through the years.

Music production and composition came after his return to Greece. His first release under the “Undertide” alias was in the late 2006. In 2008 marked his return with several more releases and collaborations, mainly with Esteban Garcia. Along his original productions, he remixed plenty of tracks, simply using acapellas, thus implementing his own interpretation on artists, like Barry Manilow, Fish Go Deep, Audiowhores, Madonna, Miguel Migs, K.Bhta, Zweiklang, Nikos Diamantopoulos, Lank & Inkfish, Robyn.

In 2010, Paul released his first album “One Step Forward” and set a new standard by creating “Doppelganger” in order to shelter his more urban tendencies.

The year 2011 finds him in the roster of Euphistic Groovement, working with Esteban Garcia, close friend, singer, songwriter and label manager.

He has put a lot of effort and love throughout the years, doing the thing he loves the most. It sounds clise, yet it cannot be described it any other way. The spectrum of creation is 1000 miles long; He doesn’t want to stay in the first mile! Never did anyway.

His music, in the same manner, never remains the same, focused only on one genre nor label. From progressive house, to urban vocals, from electro to experimental beats and back! One should explore music, in the same way that explores life.

“Sometimes I wish, that someone taught me music, but then again I would have never been the musician I am now…”

“I dedicate my music to all the people that came into my life, those who left and to those that will come. You, the experiences you shared with me as well as your emotional travels, have, and always will be my one and only true inspiration for doing, what I do best!”

Dream Big

Paul Gilmore