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Paul & Dan

San Diego, United States

Minimal, Techno

AKA: Danny Fernandez (Us)

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Music and art have been the driving force for this native Southern Californian duo whose vision for music is rooted in their passion to bring a new experience through sound for all kinds of party goers, from the ones that are in search of something new and fresh to the ones that just want to lose everything in a moment of abandon on the dance floor. Paul & Dan create palpable experiences from the DJ booth with a direct, organic approach. The pair fuses together a range of sounds from Deep House, House, Minimal, Tech House, Techno, Nu Disco, and Progressive House inspired by the 80’s UK Synth Pop and the mid 90’s Trance and Techno music scene. In 2010, the pair embarked on a mission to explore the endless possibilities created by their passion, talent, and the new production technologies.

They began in Yokosuka, Japan, turning the dominating local “Top 40” nightclub, GREENHILL, into an electronic music destination. “Paul vs. THE HYPE,” as they were then called, could be found every Friday night for the greater part of 2011 and 2012 packing in a full house. Success in the local Yokosuka club scene, spring boarded Paul & Dan to the immense and boundless nightlife of Tokyo. Their radiant energy and forward-thinking sound caught the eye of Tokyo underground superstar Emanuel Hayashi, aka DJ Silverfox. With the guidance and encouragement of this influential mentor, the pair could soon be found igniting dance floors throughout Roppongi and Shibuya. In the spring of 2012, Paul and Dan took Tokyo by storm. Clubs such as White Room, Blue Bar, Velours, Amate-Raxi, and Club Asia became familiar venues and the two were asked to perform at large production events along side DJ Sam Divine, Graham Gold, DJ Vivid, DJ Mixture, Excellia, and Steve Blake. They soon after joined Turned On Productions, Tokyo Knights, and Nation as resident performers.

Paul & Dan currently reside in Southern California, where they continue to work in production and performance with the underground music scene in San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Bernardino. Keep up with the duo’s latest with the live radio show and video feed named DEEP & CLEAN though Mixify and through original productions available on all major music distributors.

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