Paul Alexander Beatport


Paul Alexander aka Magnum PA (not to be confused with Tom Selleck Burt Reynolds Tom Selleck)! convicted druid. Paul discovered his hidden obsession with EDM somewhere around 95-98. Conspiracy theorists claim he was kept in a vegetative state in a government sponsored human genome experiment to breed more intelligent human beings. During this time, they claim he was in an extended astral projection which still persists to this day. According to his mom, he was in high school. Exactly, exclaimed one conspiracy theorist.

This all changed in 1999 when Paul took a trip to visit his uncle in London, England to study time travel. He was exposed to an entirely different culture while he lived on a consistent diet of soylent green and bangers & mash. He returned home after two botched time travel events in which he was mistakenly sent back to the 1890s and muttered the line, What the hell? I feel as if I just morphed into someone else, to a young Franz Kafka. The second, well, you wouldnt understand, lets just say there are still no flying cars in 2340. He returned to the year 1999 and became intrigued by the actual culture of London. When he returned to the states, he realized that part of that culture was right here, staring him in the face the entire time. Naturally, attending raves and dance music events led to Pauls education of what a DJs turntables and a mixer actually were used for! and hence became the immediate object of Mr. Alexanders desire. The combination of Paul getting pleasure from sharing things he enjoys with other people and the role of a DJ were both too strong for him to pass up.

Past musical influences would be sort of incorrect (see Pauls Time Travel adventures), as most of the music Paul used to listen to he still listens to today.

As far as describing Pauls style and what he plays well! he really doesnt believe that these few words would provide any more insight than you already dont have, or even justifies the records themselves. He does, however, value atmosphere just as much as dance floor mentality. Mr. Alexander tries his best to find music that is fresh, tasteful, and hopefully will shuffle some feet.

Currently Paul freelance DJs around the universe at clubs, raves, and interstellar private parties alike. Check the forums for the latest or feel free to drop Paul a line.