Patt Beatport


Born the 11-06-1980 in Azkoitia (guipuzkoa). He/she began to make their first contacts with the music it dances in 1995 as amateur dj. In the year 1996 after puncturing muxos days in the “Pub Txampaña” it got their first residence in the club Gau-Txori where it was during 3 years like dj resident horn that for political reasons Gau-txori hill their doors. After one year puncturing in different parties achieved a residence in the room XOXOTE in which was during 3 years 1999-2002 again. During that time he/she began to make their first radio programs in HIT it FORMULATES. In January of the 2003 I Register for the room GUASS where it was during 8 months horn that I register for their current residence TXITXARRO in which every Friday can be seen Saturdays and Sundays. At the moment their style is House, Electro house with touches techno house.

At production level one of their aliases is CARLOS UCAR their real name, taking out at the beginning of the 2006 one of their big works HOUSE MUSIC with remezclas of Dario Núñez and David Vio.Durante this time had shared booth with dj’s like: Armin anbuuren,Marcell woods,Criss liebing,Dario nuñez,Julio Navas,PG2,Cristian varella, Ben sims, Angel Costa…. Etc.