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Patrick Zigon

Konstanz, Germany

BluFin, Danza Macabra Records, Datapunk
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Patrick Zigon is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Hailing from the beautiful German Lake Constance region, the DJ and producer is more inspired by landscapes, the impact of nature and his whole environment than by any fast moving musical hypes. That’s probably why he’s paying extra attention to sound design and atmospheres in his club tracks and that they have something to express rather than just working on the dancefloor. Patrick has made himself a name with countless trademark releases on labels such as Highgrade, Puzzle Traxx, Tanzbar and Galaktika to name just a few and heavy remixing for the likes of Steve Lawler, Guy Gerber & Shlomi Aber’s “Sea of Sand”, Gregor Tresher, Reboot, Gui Boratto, Gel Abril, Ramon Tapia, Extrawelt, David K or Guy J on labels such as Cocoon, Traum, Great Stuff, Be As One or Trapez. As his music is characterized by a certain deepness and trippyness, he’s what many people call the electronic hypno maestro from South Germany.