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Patrick Markus

Amsterdam, Netherlands

House, Trance

Bonzai Music, Expedition Music
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It all started for the Dutch born Patrick Markus when he moved to San Francisco in 1999 where he played in several clubs and hosted several radio shows during his 4 year stay there. He developed both his DJ career as well as his productions skills in this time.

Patrick’s DJ sets are characterized by their great variety of pure quality and powerful trance, tech-trance and sometimes even techno. When attending one of his shows, you can be sure not to get bored and to be dancing every single second of the night! Patrick never fails to get the crowd going.

In 2003, one of Patrick’s best friends came home with a Virus Indigo (a synthesizer). Even though both of them didn’t really know which knobs to twist, it didn’t take long to get them both hooked to the machine and its phat sounds. And so, starting this day, Patrick was addicted to producing and remixing his own tunes.

Just like his DJ sets, his productions are known to have a lot of variety in them. While at some moments he loves dramatic melodic trancers, at other moments you will hear him produce harder trance with a hard beat.

His first releases “Silence & Motion” and the “Liftoff/Ultima” EP have only set the stage for many more to come! You can expect many original tracks and remixes from this one in the coming years so make sure to keep an eye out in your local store!