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Pascal Roeder

Lyon, France


069 Techno, Capsula Digital, Elektrotribe
Pascal Roeder Beatport


Pascal Roeder was born in Paris in a family of musicians in which classical music was omnipresent.

Later he widens his musical culture by listening to blues, rock and pop music.

In 1990 he enters the french Academy of Music where he learns how to play the piano (harpsichord) and the guitare.

He discovers raggae music and other percussion-based music styles and has an interest for so-called fusion music and jazz.

Hip hop culture leads him to mix and scratch on turntables, keeping close to artists from various backgrounds.

By means of hard working, creativity and willingness, he creates a style of his own and composes many tracks.

2009 is his year of consecration with contracts for his first titles and remixes signed with labels such as Italo Business (IT), Tracer Records (NL), Xportmusic (DK), TechnoMafia (IT), Polished Audio (GER), Underscore (IT), Capsula (IT), Globox (IT)….

Making of his eclectic influences a strength, Pascal has managed to develop a very personal and particular style in minimalist, progressive and techno music.

With his new Live coming, he is taking us into his techno music universe…