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Pascal Baxter

Paris, France


Celeb Prod, Supercool
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It is at the age of 6 that Pascal discovers the world of music. Far from the Electronic world, he starts a classical training at the French Conservatoire of Paris. More than learning his first basis, he will acquire an artistic hearing, a great sense of rhythm, let alone an incredible comfort with notes.

Among Parisian club outings and first DJ turntables, Pascal confirms his love for music in his late teen hood years. He starts fumbling Cubase and Soundforge software at the age of 16 and begins producing pieces with the vintage devices.

He later meets Steve Ray, both sound engineer and DJ. The brand new union gives birth in 2006 to Music Hit “Feel Love”, a Dj’s well supported piece which will air on several radios such as NRJ Radio. This music hit will pull the trigger on Pascal’s career.

Producing takes Pascal on the scene : Mixing in famous clubs such as World place (ex Manray), Plaza Madeleine, “La Suite”, Cab, “L’oasis”, “La locomotive” (Tunisia, Monastir), Bliss and many others …Every times, he strikes the crowd with both high quality set and an ability to get people in “another world”

With his studies been finished, Pascal goes back to producing harder than ever : it is at this time he remixes Steve Ray’s Liner Original Mix signed at Mansion Music as well as a remix of Shine blue, the latter will allow him to be in The 2009’ Muttonheads Contest’s top 10 (Dj Blaze August 2009’s top 50 releases)

Second semester 2009 : Pascal’s Shine blue remix triggers a buzz on the web and allows him to get spot by several labels (Happy astonishment for him who thinks of it as one of his least accomplish pieces…)

At the same time, Karim Amara aka Agent K, managing director of an event agency, decided to create a production department for Pascal (as well as for Steve Ray) : Celeb Prod, the latter will give Pascal professional support for both his productions and gigs.

Following the trend of this growing success, Pascal releases his first EP “The Preface” (to be released in the coming weeks).

Pascal is frequently called by Producers and labels to remix gigs :

He’s often remixing hit songs for the Mone Dj’s – Claude Njoya & Richard Bahericz – who, among others things, are David Guettas hit song “Money” producers – with title such as Make Some Noise Feat Big Ali

He has remixed Martin Skills’s “Sweetness”, signed at System recording (New York).

Earlier this year, he scored in the top 13 remixs among 450 international DJ’s for Bolton Groove Label’s title : Glam touch in Paradise feat Andrea Love.

Recently , it’s a new remix called “Don’t Stop Believing” from Marcus Gram Feat Henry P, that you can find on iTunes and others platform

Besides several residencies in Paris’s clubs, Pascal’s skills allows him to mix at famous Corsica Club “L’acapulco”

In a fews weeks, Pascal will release his first original EP : The preface”. The latter will be directly followed by an original Production called “The war”…

Baxter, Stay tuned…