Location: Montreal, Canada Canada
Genre: Progressive House, Tech House
Alias/Collaboration: PASCAL B BÉLAND


Language: English

Recognized for his overflowing energy, his authenticity, his innate taste for “audio luxury” and his tireless will to distribute quality beats to party people everywhere, Pascal B is one of the most promising talents to step into the DJ arena in Montreal these last 3 years. Cutting edge DJ, music extremist, and a complete adrenaline junkie behind the decks, Pascal B’s unique style of hypnotic deep progressif house & techno, woven together by beautiful and haunting melodies, will take you far into the underground and bring you back with musical memories.

Born in Montreal on April 25, 1976, Pascal’s love of electronic music exploded with the Montreal electronic scene. Initially, his passion for dancing drove him weekly to the Montreal dance floors, where he experienced the best that Montreal had to offer: the skills of innovative local DJs to the mind-blowing genius of some of the world’s greatest DJ/producers. Twenty years of musical observation, participation and general addiction have given Pascal B a keen sense of style and a refined ear for the mix.

At the age of 27, Pascal B set his hand on a mixer for the first time and what already occupied the major part of his free time became a full-time obsession. From that time Pascal B developed a style that combines the hypnotic deepest and sexiest progressif house and techno beats with stirring melodies, vocals and effects. You will often hear Pascal B say, “ I especially love it when it’s melodious! ” And indeed his beats will excite your body and his melodies will illuminate your mind.

In 2011-2012, he followed a complete program of “Audio production techniques” at Musitechnic School in Montreal. This program is given in three semesters over a period of 12 months. It prepares for audio work in the fields of music and audiovisual. Musitechnic has built a world-class international reputation by making important financial investments on all its facilities and by recruiting best music industry professionals as teachers. The graduate is able to work as a sound technician, better known under the terminology of a Sound engineer or Audio Engineer. During the same year, after he did his first gig in the club, he got accepted as a resident DJ in one of the most renowned afterhours club in North America : Stereo Night Club (Montreal).

As a complete DJ with stunning music collection, he did the opening set for none other than Guy Gerber, Guy J, Cid Inc, Robert Babicz, James Holden and Tini to name a few.

Pascal B is a Dj very active. He has played at Stereo (Mtl), Circus (Mtl), La Bombe Quebec, Velvet, Russian Nightclub, Salon Daomé, Passeport, Kitty Lounge, Sky, Kafein, Living Sherbrooke, Black & Blue 2014, Recovery Black & Blue 2015, Blue Parrot Playa Del Carmen, Martina Beach Club Playa Del Carmen, Be Roof Playa Del Carmen, Resident Dj At Breathless Resort & Spa Montego Bay Jamaica, Hard Rock Café Montego Bay Jamaica, Club Black Bangkok, Safe Room Bangkok, Beachspot DJ Lounge & Hostel Pattaya, Thai Lounge & Terrace Pattaya, Cocoon Pattaya, Cocoon Phuket, Fridaze Pool Party Koh Phi Phi Island, Blue Water Koh Tao, The Factory by Studio Uranus Koh Tao, BND Beach Club Koh Tao,

and he plays in many Private Parties, Beach Club, Events, Festivals, After hours and Corporations.

Pascal B draws inspIration from such producers as :

Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, John Digweed, Guy J, Cid Inc, Deepfunk,

Dmitry Molosh, Simos Tagias, and Silinder to create his distinctive style.




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Pascal B