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Frankfurt, Germany

Psy-Trance, Trance

Tip World
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Parasystem.consists basically of the producer Marco Wellisch aka DJ-LowMid also he is a part of (KlangBildErzeuger) This production team.. based in Frankfurt / Germany. For details click [KBE]at links manager.

Parasystem was founded in the year 2000, toghter with Ramin Naghachian

The (Notes_Supervisor) ;] At 2006, they’re gathering back around the mixing-console to resurrect that project. Around 2007 After several Track’s on both Album’s Ramin leaving the Project for indefinitely Time!!!but he stay’s as Technical Support in the Background.


The basic idea was to found an act which combines the past with the future, A new trance-act where he can live out all his musical excesses in an experimental way. A mixture of deep, advancing, impelling grooves with hypnotic atmospheres, some times hard, another times easy-going, but always punchy and a certain disposition to the narrative.

The debut appears on the Stashbag 4 CD another TIP World release of Raja Ram. The second release InZombiaEP again on TIP World.

(TIP World says)

EBE One”

It is a debut album and an exciting new act for Tip World. The Parasystem sound is characterised by deep rounded analogue baselines that pulsate and groove out of the speakers. Still full-on but with a fresh sound and light quality that keeps the dance floor bouncing. Sci-fi inspired sounds intertwine with samples to give the whole album a distinct feel and edge which ties in with it’s concept. Whilst at the same time retaining the all essential dance floor groove, be that breaks, funky beats or the 16note baseline. Their sound, their music and their vision ensures that Parasystem are a real crowd pleaser every time they play.

We feel that this is a good first step from a new act that has excited us far more than many well established acts that have sent their albums into us over the last year or two. Sometimes albums we have received have had very strong production with all the latest tricks and techniques but have lacked a certain substance in the writing.

Parasystem have a fresh outlook and different inspirations. Sometimes you can hear almost a classic German influence perhaps reminiscent of early Eye Q. And Detroit techno elements appear in places. We reckon they are set to become one of the biggest breakthrough acts over the next year, so check them out now and ‘ebe one’ of the first to get on board!

Pardon the pun!