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Papa Skunk

Dubstep, Electronica

Adapted Records, Tycho Records
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Papa Skunk (Dan Scheidt) is an electronic music producer from Denver, Co and a member of the Mile High Sound Movement. He specializes in a unique form of glitch hop, with elements of electro house and dubstep that have made crowds across the country dance the night away. Since starting the project in late 2010, Papa Skunk has performed at concerts and festivals from coast to coast and keeps his fans coming back for more. He has also released music on the biggest labels in glitch hop including 1320 Records, Adapted Records, Simplify Recordings, and Tycho Records. Following a free EP and tour in fall of 2012, Papa Skunk charted on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart. This chart was created in order to indicate the fastest accelerating artists across all music sites that are most likely to become the next big sound. Needless to say, the future is bright for Papa Skunk as he continues to bring his music to the masses.