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Paolo Kighine

Genova, Italy

Tech House

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BIO*by Janine-Polet


grow up with funk, punk, dark, disco….

His DJ activity begins in 1984

on the dance floors near Genoa and all over the Liguria coast,

but its in 1992 that his real career up and down all over Italy

and abroad begins with his coming to Duple’ club,

where the very first after hour (from midnight to midday)

ever realized in Italy had place.

On 1993 he starts producing records, at first with the “trio” Unity3

(with Mario Scalambrin and Franciosa), and then his real name.

Their second production: -Unity3 – Age Of Love Suite

came out in the UK with the prestigious label Novamute (Richie Hawtin, SpeedyJ…

) and immediately rushed into British dance charts.

A countless series of remixes followed that hit,

as Johnny Dangerous – Father in Heaven,

that came out in the U.S.A. with Danny Tenaglia’s Twisted Rec.

After the starting at Duple’, the global baptism was just around the corner:

his name became a guarantee thanks to experiences as resident DJ at

Imperiale, Jaiss, Insomnia and, as regular guest, at

Ultimo Impero, Matrix, Cocorico, Aida, Eden…

and all the other main Italian dance floors.

The front doors to foreign countries were open:

France, Holland, Switzerland, Ibiza, Germany…

Just an example: he took part to the Love Parade in Berlin

in the year with the probably greatest participation of people: 1999,

about 2million ravers) and in 2000 he repeated that wonderful experience.

Among his most noteworthy collaborations,

he has taken part to imposing foreign raves like

Goliath and Motion Open Air

and he has contributed to the radio programmes Weekend Dance on RadioRai2

and Orgasmatron (Radio Italia Network),

as well as TV programme Deejay Television

(broadcasted on Italia Uno channel),

and magazines as Discoid, Trend and Orbeat Magazine.

In 2000 Minimali:stik was born:

his own recording label of which he loves to attend to the graphic part, too.

This important project has already 22 releases to its credit

and will have some substantial changes

turned to other countries very soon;

this new wave will be inaugurated releasing two singles

in collaboration with Danilo Vigorito.

The same year he opens his records shop: Diskotic

…just for living the rest of his life between music…

He is fond of Internet netsurfing.

His first website was born in 1997,

and nowadays its Forum is really crowded with people of his community

that love to chat and have fun,

but also to talk and discuss about music comparing notes with him

and consolidating friendships born in spite

of a lot of kilometres of distance.

He loves to describe himself as electronic,

he despises limits between House and Techno music:

only bad and good music can be an admitted criterion of distinction.

David Bowie, Clash, Ramones, Pistols, James Brown,

Arctic Monkeys, Pink Floyd, Barret, Zeppelin…daily food.

His slogan, the most representative phrase for his way of playing,

is taken from a Bowie song:

I’m a Deejay, I’m what I play.

You can find him on the Net at:

KighineTv YouTube:


*by Janine

La sua attivita’ in consolle inizia nel 1984,

nei locali genovesi, fra cui l’indimenticato Diva,e della riviera ligure,

ma e’ dal 1992 che inizia la sua vera e propria carriera

in giro per l’Italia e all’estero,

con l’arrivo alla consolle del Duple’:

il primo Mezzanotte-Mezzogiorno Italiano.

Dal 1993 inizia a produrre dischi, prima col “trio” Unity3

(con Mario Scalambrin e Franciosa), poi col suo nome.

Il loro secondo disco: “Age of love suite”-Unity3,

usci’ in UK sulla label Novamute (Richie Hawtin, SpeedyJ…)

ed entro’ subito nelle dance charts inglesi.

Da quel successo seguirono innumerevoli remix,

fra cui Johnny Dangerous “Father in Heaven”,

che usci’negli USA per la Twisted rec. di Danny Tenaglia.

(per la discografia dettagliata:

Dopo il Duple’ divenne resident all’Imperiale, Jaiss, Insomnia,

e come regular guest

all’Ultimo Impero, Matrix, Cocorico, Aida, Eden, Area City…

praticamente in tutte le maggiori sale Italiane.

Si aprirono le porte con l’estero:

Francia, Olanda, Svizzera, Ibiza, Germania…

Nel 1999 era alla Love Paradedi Berlino

con forse la maggior partecipazione di persone: (quasi 2 milioni),

e nel 2000 ha ripetuto quella magica esperienza.

Ha partecipato a grandi rave esteri come

Goliath, Motion open air,

ed ha collaborato con Weekend dance (Radiorai2),

Orgasmatron (Radio Italia Network),

Deejay Television (Italia Uno),

Discoid, Trend, e Orbeat magazine.

Nel poco tempo rimanente cerca di essere anche presente

nel suo negozio di dischi:

Diskotic, tanto per non farsi mancare nulla…

Nel 2000 ha aperto anche una sua etichetta discografica:

Minimali:stik, di cui ama curare anche la grafica,

ha gia’ all’attivo piu’ di 22 uscite e subira’, nell’immediato futuro,

sostanziali cambiamenti rivolti verso l’estero e il digitale

Il nuovo corso avra inizio con due singoli in collaborazione con Danilo Vigorito.

Vive di internet, ha il suo primo sito gia dal 1997,

ed ha un forum molto frequentato

dove la sua community si scambia pareri e musica,

si confronta con lui e solidifica amicizie

nate a centinaia di km di distanza.

Ama definirsi “elettronico”,

non gli piacciono i confini fra house e techno,

solo “bella e brutta musica” possono essere le differenze.

La frase che piu’ lo rappresenta e’:

“I’m a deejay, I’m what I play”,

Io sono un dj, io sono cio’ che suono.

Dove trovarlo su internet:

Kighine Forum

info & booking:

[email protected]

[email protected]