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From the rich and varied soundscapes of classic and contemporary house music Panton has salvaged a lean and sinuous internal structure, using it as a base to launch into an enveloping, funk-tinged exploration of sound and movement, where intricate rhythms transform themselves into pulsating, ebullient showpieces of dancefloor delivery. Ornamented with gesture and melody, Panton plays mind and body together in games of pressure and release. The pleasure of Panton lays less in a constant bombardment by the ostentatious and garish, than it does in a playful sophistication that values sultriness above tawdriness.

Panton makes music that is propelled by an insistent percussive groove and governed by a dedication to and love of the mature, soulful and musical – that elevates the sultry above the tawdry, and in doing so, creates a daring and evocative hybrid of established and emergent sounds. From elements borrowed from the massive club crossover hits of 90s diva house to warehouse acid squelches to the unique characteristics of the 909 to the bracing dystopian paranoia of true techno, Panton’s music reconstructs a post-urban reality (neither Detroit, nor Chicago, nor Berlin – informed by, but not imitative of) that manifests itself whenever he sets needle to groove…

A list of Panton’s accomplishments in a less than two years would shame acts twice his age, cataloguing a series of professional and artistic successes and milestones that includes signing to Fatboy Slim’s label Southern Fried, and adding new dimensions as a remixer to works by Crookers, Magik Johnson, Keith & Supabeatz, Black Ghosts, 2 Bears. His remix productions have been supported by a host of big names, such as Brodinski, Matt Walsh, NT89, Keith & Supabeatz, DJ Neoteric, Autoerotique, the Discobelle crew and seen release on labels such as Southern Fried and Sweden’s Discobelle.

Out of the studio, Panton is just as diligent and sharply focused: as a resident at Velvet’s “Touch Unlimited” in Montreal, his DJ sets have left an indelible impression on a fickle and well-educated audience, and has played at Igloofest in Montreal, Social Club in Paris, as well as a myriad of other venues on both sides of the Atlantic.

Discography :

Panton & Cyron B “Ricochet” – Southern Fried Records

Panton & Cyron B “No Control” – Southern Fried Records

Keith & Supabeats VS Panton – Liquidance – Southern Fried Records

Panton “Someday” – Southern Fried Records

Panton “Problem” – Southern Fried Records

Panton “Do It” – Southern Fried Records

FPanton “Favela” – Southern Fried Records


Mom & Dad – This Joint (Panton & Cyron B Remix) – Discobelle

Meati & Meech – Bock (Panton Remix) – Discobelle

D.Fine – 95 (Panton Remix) It_Tizz

Keith & Supabeatz – Eldorado (Panton Remix) – SFR

Panton – 909 Culture – SFR

2 Bears – Work it Out – SFR

Tuff Wheelz – Listen To Me (Panton Remix) – The Dead Speaker Office

Boeoes Kaelstigen – Lou (Panton Sunset Remix) – Discobelle Records

Boeoes Kaelstigen – Lou (Panton Warehouse Remix) – Discobelle Records

2 Bears – Be Strong (Panton Remix) – SFR

Crookers ft Roisin Murphy – Royal T (Panton Remix) -SFR

Magik Johnson – Alarm Clock (Panton Remix) – SFR


The Black Ghosts – W.W.F.A.W. (Panton & Cyron B Remix)- SFR