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Pano Manara

Athens, Greece

Electronica, House

EDM Underground
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Pano Manara raised in west Athens

As a kid Pano was a lot around music. From the very first moment he remembered him self, got classic guitar lessons and self taught in percussions. His music background was multicultural when he started djing around 1999-2000, from classical music to electronica.. he was taught from various people. Somewhere in the same period of time he got involved with music production and he started his own experimental compositions.

In 2009 he met up with Elektrik Dreams label owned by Kosmas Katimertzis aka Analog Trip and they worked together in several gigs and events around Greece, especially Pano took his residency at “Tife” beach bar which hosts great summer parties with well known Artists such as Cj Jeff/G-Pal/Thodoris Triantafillou and many more, at the same time he set his music at the legendary “Loop” in the center of Athens together with his friends.

He released music/remixes under several labels such us: EDM Underground, Elektrik Dreams Music, Family Grooves,Da Way, Flipside rec’s, DeLicious.