Hardroid/Pandora/Mayu Noda

She made her debut as DJ in 2005, she has been performing at various events based in Tokyo.

She is a DJ trueborn Tokyoite. The Audience is charmed by the hard and happy her sound.

Although a woman, she is a distinguished by her hard choice and powerful DJ style (suitable the name of 「HardRoid」) and now she is dominating the top of the world of female Hard Trance in this country.

And in 2009 her talent was bloomed as the creator, she started production of the track.

In 2010 she released tha colabolation tracks with Nish「Sparkling Starlight」,「Colorless」from Harderground Recordings (organized by Nish).

Furthermore, she took charge of the Remix of 「Athema-Love Fights All」from Toxic Records (Traditional german club music), and was highly estimated around the world as well as the country.

After that, she started activity of Uplifting Trance/Tech Trance in name of Pandra/Mayu Noda. 「Over the Rainbow」(The first original number in name of Pandra) which was released from the 50th number at Redux Recordings at Germany were the talk.

She who is producer and engineer herself is a most expected female DJ and creator from now on.


Athema_Love Fights All(Nish vs. Hardroid Remix)

Hardroid vs. NISH Colorless(Pandora Remix) Harderground Recordings

Hardroid vs. NISH Colorless(Orginal Mix) Harderground Recordings

NISH vs. Hardroid_Sparkling Starlight(Orginal Mix)_Harderground Recordings


2010/9/26 [email protected]

2010/9/25 COS☆[email protected]

2010/8/14 [email protected] ASAKUSA

2010/8/5 [email protected]

2010/7/31 [email protected]

2010/7/19 Join Us!RAVE 2010/7/15 We Are Makerz!EFFECT

2010/6/25 antenna nacht Rooty 2010/6/3 Ubertreffen 2Effect

2010/5/22 [email protected]

2010/5/20 We are Makerz!Effect 2010/4/14 Heaven NightCord Bar

2010/3/28 GEKKO [email protected] Loft

2010/3/19 [email protected] Forum

2010/3/14 Trip [email protected] Bar

2010/3/14 Heaven [email protected] Bar

2010/2/26 [email protected]

2010/2/18 [email protected]

2010/1/23 [email protected]

2010/1/9 [email protected]

2009/12/20 [email protected]

2009/12/6 Trip [email protected] Bar

2009/12/3 [email protected]

2009/11/21 [email protected]

2009/11/14 [email protected]

2009/10/16 [email protected]

2009/10/15 Seven [email protected]

2009/9/26 [email protected]

2009/9/11 GI☆[email protected] Island Rave

2009/9/5 [email protected]

2009/9/7 [email protected]

2009/8/23 [email protected]

2009/8/22 [email protected] Bay Side

2009/8/15 [email protected]

2009/7/25 [email protected]

2009/7/12 [email protected]

2009/6/7 Around fuorty [email protected]

2009/6/6 Seven [email protected]

2009/5/23 APC 4th [email protected] Labo

2009/5/16 [email protected]

2009/4/29 [email protected]

2009/3/14 [email protected]

2009/3/8 Wanna Be Your [email protected] Yumeterasu

2009/2/21 [email protected] Name

2009/1/23 [email protected]

2009/1/17 [email protected] Name

2008/12/31 Count Down [email protected] Asakusa

2008/12/14 Hardcore [email protected]

2008/11/29 [email protected]

2008/11/19 APC [email protected]

2008/11/7 [email protected]

2008/10/17 [email protected]

2008/10/12 Hardcore [email protected]

2008/10/11 [email protected]

2008/9/19 [email protected]

2008/8/15 [email protected]

2008/7/19 GI☆[email protected]