Pak Man Beatport


Kevin also known to his friend as Pak Man has been playing non-stop for the last 3 years. Having a steady residency at 658 and Icon in Buffalo as well as gigs all over Western, NY & Southern, Ontario, including Toronto has helped Pak Man build a loyal fan base. With his superb track selection consisting of various genres of Trance he is sure to win you over. His four releases (Level 3, Odyssey, Sleepless Nights and Pleasure of Sound) have made there way around the world, as well as his live mixes from 658, and Icon. The future looks bright for Kevin with a confirmed booking in Valencia, Spain for the 5-day festival called “Las Fallas”.

Ever since the first time he heard his first “dance” track back in 2000. Kevin knew this was something he would eventually come to love to do. He wanted to bring the joy he felt in the music, to as many people as he could. Seeing their smiling faces, hearing them chant his name, giving him “props” after an amazing set. Kevin in 2002 discovered the talents of Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, and Ferry Corsten in Toronto while at the Guvernment. Seeing the 3,000 people in attendance just hang on every track they dropped, and every bass line that hit the crowd just went nuts. And from that day forward, Kevin knew that this is what he wanted to do.

Now with 3 years of his life dedicated to the music, and to his loyal fans in Buffalo, Kevin looks to 2005 as adventure in the making, with the residencies here in Buffalo, he looks to open up more and more people’s eyes to the music. Spending countless hours perfecting his sets, and mixes, spending countless hours looking for “that” track that he knows will just make the crowd go nuts, and also helping to promote himself, Kevin looks to follow his passion for the music and the sound, to open up the many possibilities that await him.

Pak Man’s inspiration for the music are derived from the likes of Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Oakenfold, Cosmic Gate, George Acosta, and Micro. With ambition and the willingness to please the crowd Pak Man is sure to keep the beats pumping and the bodies grooving all night and into the early AM. Be on the look out in 2K5 for PAK MAN!!!!