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PainKiller was born on the 24-th of December in 1986 in a little city of Estonia. She has felt a crush for music since she was about 3-4 years old. After graduating high school she was sure to become a police officer. But she failed and realized that police work is not what she really wants. As her second biggest dream was to become a dj and to produce her own music she decided not to wait any longer. She doesn’t have a musical education, but she has a skill to hear the music and then later to play it on some musical instrument. She started to create her own music about 4 years ago, so she hasn’t got much experience yet. But she keeps practicing everyday. PainKillers’ no. 1 music style is trance and she also loves hardstyle. “My god is trance”!, that’s the way she likes to describe her love for trance music. Her biggest idols are Kai Tracid, ATB and Tiesto.