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“as long as there is electricity, i will not stop making music”

PACKO GUALANDRIS – Electronic Magic ©

(Updated: 2010)

Packo Gualandris, born 1980 in Luxembourg, is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking DJs & producers in Luxembourg’s electronic dance music scene. Since 1999 he’s spinning vinyls and now is very known for his long progressive DJ-sets, covering only high quality productions from Minimal to Techhouse, from Electro to Techno, always full of surprises and never too monotonic.

In the year 2002 Packo started playing all over Luxembourg in several places. Since then, he’s a member of the successful ODD (Organic Dance Department) crew. Some years later his sound crossed the borders and made it’s trips to Germany, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Russia and Poland.

Before starting as a DJ, the young Packo already played lots of different instruments (keyboards/organ, drums, guitar, etc) since he’s 5 years old and he produced his first own tracks. Now he has his very own style which lots call the “typical Packo style”.

In 2005, Packo Gualandris was the winner (1st) of a remix contest, organized by the well-known German house-label Haiti Groove. After that, he released more tracks and remixes on labels like: Naked Records (CZ), Grooved Music (BE), YARecords (LU), ShOO Records (LU), 1744 Records (BE), Decksharks (DE) and Noobish Records (LU) which are sold worldwide.

It’s not at all exaggerated to say that Packo Gualandris now is one of the most wanted and successful electronic music artists from Luxembourg.

And it’s far from beeing over … to be continued! :-)