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PACIFIKA releases new album “Supermagique”

It had to happen eventually. For a generation of musicians that has now grown up with the sounds of world music, a truly global pop music was just a matter of time. And for the trio PACIFIKA, “eventually” means now. The trio’s debut album, 2008’s “Asunción”, introduced their artful blend of indie rock, bossa nova, Afropop, and dub production. With the new “Supermagique”, PACIFIKA have refined that sound – a multilingual, listener-friendly music that marries languid Latin rhythms to a deep dance groove, and offers a high-gloss sheen with some surprisingly sharp edges.

PACIFIKA’s global fusion works precisely because it is not a fusion. There is no sense of trying to blend one thing with another; this is the work of three musicians, coming from Peruvian, North American, and Barbadian families, for whom rock, Latin, Caribbean, hip hop, and jazz are all part of a single international musical language – a kind of musical Esperanto. Singer Silvana Kane is from Peru; guitarist Adam Popowitz is from Canada; bassist Toby Peter grew up in Barbados. Using the Pacific city of Vancouver as a base, they have set out to create music that reflects their shared interests in Western pop and the traditions of South America. “Supermagique” is the next step in the evolution of the global musical language of the 21st century