Pace Beatport


Into hardcore and rave from the early days, Pace started playing at small parties around Tunbridge Wells and Brighton in 1993. In 1994, Pace joined the local Unrulee Rockers sound system, involvement in which lead to regular bookings around the Southeast. Following a move to Birmingham for University in 1995, as one of the original Prosession crew, Pace played at their very first party alongside Addict, Shaggy (Kool FM), Bassdriver and Darkside.

Since then Pace’s DJ career has flourished with many bookings in and out of Birmingham at venues such as Que Club, Subway City, The Venue and the Steering Wheel. Pace now plays out most weekends throughtout the Midlands with residencies at Prosession, Flashback and Broken Minds and has recently spun at Atomic Jam, Detonate (Nottingham), Trauma (Leamington Spa), Lifted (Stourbridge), Stealth and Aura Orange (Wolverhampton) and various other parties too many to mention.

Current influences include Dillinja, Digital, A-Sides, Total Science, Lemon D, Marcus Intallex, True Playaz crew, Invaderz, Shy Fx, Alpha Omega and anyone else who makes rolling beats and heavy basslines with the dancefloor in mind.