Top 25k on The DJ List

Pablo Gustavo Kaluchik

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Electro House, Open Format


Pablo born in 1983 at the city of Buenos Aires, from early years shows his own interests to music culture and was on his seven years starts to learn piano at The National Music and Arts Conservatory. When takes is title at the conservatory and with a long of years influenced by tendencies of melodies in classic music decide enter more into the general/popular styles thanks to the ballads inside of rock music. Them starts to listen big bands like Queen, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and back in time to more contemporaries music sources until bands like Aerosmith or Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

That was when at his thirteen and discovering similarities between classic music and the electronic tendency from that moment based in Trance style starts his own arts into DJs ambient. Supported by his mother it begins to form his small music studio and music his collection. With the time give his first plays at some local nightclubs where take with his music a hugh affinity with the public that increases his motivation to investigate this culture over the world.

That was where in 1998 flight to Berlin to discover the world of electronic music and discover the famous Loveparade of Germanic city which motivates his spiritual development because he finds noble values like respect, the no discrimination and the impulse of love over all things of life.

That changes abruptly his selected style like DJ in that moment discovering a new music concept. Is when he nourished by his experiences known some DJs of the continent like Dr Motte, Judge Jules, Carl Cox, Sven Väth, Paul Van Dyk, Westbam, Pete Tong, Johan Gielen, David Morales, between others.

After that big experience back to a lot of years more to the european continent where gives the opportunity to present on some nightclubs and learn about european public. Is where takes is first experience playing into the morning sessions (Afterhours) and nightclubs of famous Ibiza island.

At begins of 2002 create his own agency and promoter company of events DEV2 Entertainment, where it summons some friends of the national scene to be part and give is website about the Buenosairean night called Cyberdance Argentina.

Same into 2002 make some radio shows in Argentina that’s helps to know more of his country.

In 2003 make his first travel to assist to Winter Music Conference (WMC) in Miami city (USA) where improve is relations with agencies and the commercial part of music media, making some alliances.

In 2004 he presents at the second Loveparade of Mexico in the Federal District of that country where it confronts his first big event on American continent.

Thanks of his participation months later he present at the first Loveparade of USA in the city San Francisco is where approaches more into the digital tendency in electronic culture and take a commercial link with the company Native Instruments where become in part of that community of DJs who develop technologies like Final Scratch.

In 2005 outside of music media he graduates like Engineer of Informatics Systems in the Technologic Institute of Buenos Aires.

Also in 2005 he presents at the third Loveparade of Mexico in the summer city of Acapulco.

Starting 2006 make his first musical productions like artist the one is spread over Europe and America giving a hugh reception of the public. In 2006 start with the production of private cycles with the presence of such popular DJs of argentinean scene and some international guest.

In the summer of 2007 make some summer seasons of argentinean beach cities and south cities of continent become again to give a presence on the continent. Also in this summer present his first release by the hand of the famous artist Natham Fake making the remix of the track “The Sky is Pink” who still a long time on the top of a lot of European radio charts. And thanks of his big modification of this track it was released like his own production with the name “Eden”.

In 2007 be part of the organization of Loveparade of Venezuela like artistic director of the event until his first cancelation where by own causes decide leaves the charge. In same year had presented in a lot of clubs in his country and named like the most chosen DJ in Argentina during 2007. Thanks to this success his remake of the track “Slat Dot Dash” of Fatboy Slim was used for so many Argentinean DJs making that track like the most recognized local track. Also in this year make his tour on Colombia where meet the Spanish DJ David del Olmo wich one time late made a strategic alliance for the management and work with artists in Colombia.

In 2008 back to the European continent making some shows and end this year visiting the American continent in Venezuela for a special festival made in city of Maracaibo where after a negotiation with a local partner open the doors of DEV2 Entertainment in Venezuela for the management of artists and the production of massive events in Venezuelan territory.

In 2009 make his first tour in Asian territory with shows in Japan in cities of Osaka and Tokyo. At the beginning of this same year presents this remix about “Get Yourself High” track of the London bands Chemical Brothers who had been used by DJs like Davey Asprey, Judge Jules, Ivan Pica, Wally Lopez, Jason Jollins, Niklas Harding, Thomas Schumacher, between others.

Late on the same year present his new releases. One with Kurd Maverick and DJ Antoine called “Falling Under Me” and other one with the official support of David Guetta based on the famous “World is Mine”.