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At the age of 18 – Pablo Garcia Aka Pablo G. took it upon himself to see what all the fuzz about the NYC nightlife was about by attending clubs such as Exit, Sound Factory, Roxy, Limelight and The Tunnel. But it wasn’t long until Pablo discovered Vinyl, which later became ARC, home to none other than the legendary house dj/producer Danny Tenaglia. This is where Pablo fell in love with underground house music, while watching Tenaglia work his magic taking club goers into never ending journeys at his weekly “Be Yourself” residency. His experiences at Vinyl have had a big influence in the sound that Pablo looks for in his records today. The deep, sexy, dirty, dark, tribal, twisted, house sound with a bit of the latin sound that he gets from his Latin background.

Pablo began to feed his addiction towards house music by investing on a set of turntables. After a couple of years of practice and building his record collection, Pablo finally got the chance to show his mixing skills and love for house music by playing in local bars, clubs and lounges in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY. His passion for music and mixing lead to Pablo giving up his full-time job as an automobile insurance underwriter and pursue a career as a DJ/Producer.

In November of 2001, Pablo moved back to his homeland of Nicaragua to help start the country’s underground house scene. He made a name for himself by playing at the hottest bars and nightclubs in Managua. This list includes: Hipa Hipa, Soquadro, Blu, Aqua, Underground, La Fabrica, Kultura, Moods and Fussion to name a few. He also held down a weekly residency at Pasha, Managua’s most upscale nightclub in its time. Succesful parties and underground fame led him to landing openning gigs alongside some of the industry’s biggest names like DJ Tiesto, Christopher Lawrence, Low End Specialists, and Ivano Belliny. He has also played in some highly exclusive events such as the inauguration party of the Brazilian beer “Brahma”, afterparties for the Grammy winning pop-rock group “La Ley”, and guest appearances in Managua’s top radio stations.

Today Pablo maintains a busy schedule producing, playing weekly gigs and promoting events with his promotion group “Colectivo Technica”, who play a very important role in todays electronic music scene in Nicaragua.