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Melbourne, Australia


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Deck wizard, producer and sonic sorcerer, OZZY heads Tribeadelic, Australia’s Premier psy-trance party outfit and record label.

Known for his slinky sets and mind-blowing music, OZZY presents an aural assault of the senses. His morning sets are renowned for their madness and never fail to kick up the dust at aussie bush doofs.

As a Dj for many years, and with access to the magical music vaults of tribeadelic artists, Ozzy has played at festivals in Israel, Goa,Japan, Noumea The legendary Soulclipse festival in Turkey and of course many Australian parties big and small !

He set up Tribeadelic Records and with six albums released to smash dancefloors, the label has become Australia’s best and popular at parties all over the world.

Releasing tracks with SHAKTA,CPU,ESKIMO,DARK NEBULA,FRACTAL GLIDER,LEGOHEAD,KINDZADZA,ATOMIC PULSE among others,and of course the Legendary “Liquid” Project with Fractal Glider

Now producing solo as “Liquid”, Ozzy is putting his experience to creative outlet and after testing their bombs on the dancefloor with great sucess, Liquid’s debut album will be released in 2012 on Tribeadelic.

Prepare for the freshest sounds from the melting pot of Melbourne, Australia.