Ozani Beatport


The main influence to become a Dj, was the radio Soul show that was broadcasted in the 80’s. In this radio program he listened to mixes that where send by Dj’s. With two cheap turntables he started to experiment with electric boogie and breakdance music and later hip hop music. Around 1990 he bought his first serious turntables and mixer and became the Dj and Mc of a hip hop band. With this band he produced several hip hop tracks and performed in the South of Holland. Later when the band broke up he got interested in the jungle and drum&bass style, and even performed in the legendary RnB club Luxor in Arnhem as Dj Huntah. After being invited and persuaded by a friend, he paid his first visit to a house club in 1993. He was captured by this music style and from then he created a collection of house records. Starting with club, funky techno and techhouse music, he finally found his sound in funky house and techhouse. Around 1994 he got the chance to do some gigs in Mallorca. After successful performances that year, he appeared at several clubs and events for 5 summers. In Holland he performed at various events and locations like Doornroosje, TWSTD, Zip and many more. . : : BIOGRAPHY : : . Ozani style: Groovy/Funky house & techhouse