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DJ/Producer Oz Romita was born in Izmir/ Turkey, but was raised in Amsterdam.

He’s been a fixture of the international club scene since 1997 and has appeared at numerous top venues and events world wide.

Oz’s distinctive tech-house style is energetic, refreshing and perfect for those modern dancefloors. His productions have been picked up by elite imprints like; Bonzai Records, Great Stuff Recordings, Yellowyax, Recordings, Movement Recordings, SK Supreme Records, Ninefont Music, Erase Records and Repressure Recordings.

In the year 2012 he started his own label called, Sounds R Us Recordings, which has very talented producers lined up in its roster. Oliver Moldan, Ron Caroll, Anil Chawla, Tom Hades, Steve Mulder, Jamez and DJ Tash are some of the names that will create the sound of Sounds R Us Recordings.

Oz Romita concepts:

“Sounds R Us Recordings, Techn-0-Matic Podcast, Chickz With Skillz, Boyz With Skillz and Stripe Two invites…”

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