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Club Music, Hip Hop, Funk, Electro, Ghettotech, Kuduro, Reggae, Dancehall … All are different styles that can complement the Turntables of a DJ, a producer, an artist … And in Portugal all have the same meaning, the same sound and the same name: Dj Overule.

“Basically, anything that involves Black Music is my roots,” he says. But for Overule, the music is not just a style but a whole “as a universal language.”

Overule hypnotizes both for its sampling, scratching or just for the excellence of his taste. After all dj’s are not all equal and no one promotes a party like him.

Since 7pm, Overule refined, learned and developed his expertise through various projects, including Dartefaders, and collaborations with names like Expensive Soul, Flow 212, and Matozoo.

Mentor of “Pump up the Volume Radio Show,” Overule still produces events like “Sunglasses at Night” and “Good Stuff” in a full schedule of gigs and tours. No wonder the permanent nominations to the best music awards and the single “Até Já” by New Max feat. Junior has been chosen as the anthem of the TMN.

He produces and mixes with innovation and an unprecedented success, showing his audience the best that is done outside and inside Portugal. Between music and sounds, he tells a story. And sometimes they are stories that inspire the music, the sounds, the feel, the groove, building the harmony that is latent in each set of their own. Through them we dance, we feel, grow, learn and live. Because each beat can be a story, a moment, a memory. His, yours or of those to whom the same beat vibrates every cell of the body. That feeling of joy or sadness, anger or emotion that just a melody in the track could intensify in such a way that seems physical. It seems our own. Is there a better feeling for an artist to do a job that the public absorb as yours? As part of themselves? As a story of your life?

So, put your sunglasses at night, pump up the volume ’cause this is good stuff!

More than dj, producer, turntablist, remixer and radialist, Dj Overule “is a brand.”

We agree Overule, you are a brand that marks us ….

I would add, your music is a state of mind!


Cell: 00351 93 829 22 35

Mail: [email protected]