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Like many DJs, is the youngest age that the disease of music grabbed him. Fan of Trance music since childhood. But the case of flo is unique because it grows with his love of the computers and new technologies.

“Overflow-x” fan of trance music since very young, influenced by KaiTracid, DJ Tiesto and all the other leaders of the trance.

It began on djing in 2008 as a resident by the name of “overflow” to the club ELEKTRON (France) “www.elektronweb.fr” where he learned to mix with the biggest DJ and producer. It is quickly contact various local FM radio and Web radio anywhere. It took a year just to be at hand as the largest “MARCO CAROLAGAYLE SAN “ANTON’X” “ANTONY ADAM” “TOM HADES” … With the duo “Brix vs. Overflow” in 2009 he decided to set up “OVERFLOW-X” more aggressive live session for a more techno style. In 2009 he decided to start producing music.