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I am currently out of the office, doing a small tour in afghanistan, if you send me a message and I don’t respond it’s not because i’m ignoring you…..if you happened upon any of my mixes or tracks, please take some time to listen and comment..I’ll be back in about a year and hopefully start pushing some mixes out at that time..until then, stay safe, and enjoy…

Ovalice has an eclectic style. Known for high energy live sets that span the full spectrum of Progressive sounds. Started DJ’ing in the mid 90’s in the Washington DC metropolitan area and was a popular underground DJ. Ovalice came to popularity as a local DJ manager and event coordinator throwing DC infamous parties and club nights such as Gravity Blue, Stereo, and Vision. He also hosted several one-offs to include the post 9/11 project United We stand. Ovalice moved to nashville TN in 2005 and began his Launch Pad project for internet radio shows such as Schitzophonic radio, twisted sound, and Tainted Radio. He has played all over the United States in places such as San Francisco, Tuscon, Phoenix, VA Beach, Florida, MD, PA, Tennessee, and New York. Ovalice now lives in Germany and working on a collaborative effort with DJ Klassic (from TX) under the psuedonym Vinylwerks. His other collaborative efforts include tantric with Jason Gage.