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OUTRAGE (Backlash, Whisper Audio, J-Tek Records, Metalheadz, Rufige, Inneractive, Intasound, Commercial Suicide, Function Records) Bedford, UK

Outrage (formerly known as DJ Rage) has been closely following drum and bass for over a decade. His first break came at the age of 15 when he gained a slot on Bedford’s (UK) pirate radio station Shock FM. It was not long after the broadcast that his vigorous sets began gracing the Bedford area dance floors, catching the attention of fans and future collaborators alike.  Outrage would form his first major alliance at the age of 16 when he crossed paths and teamed up with Stomp & Weaver which resulted in his initial production efforts, with the collaborations Check the Flava and Deep in 2 Depth. The affiliation with Stomp & Weaver also helped his career with additional performances, thanks to the inception of two featured club nights hosted by them: Sugar Cubes in Lincoln and Fantasy Island in Skegness. By the age of 18 Outrage’s career as a DJ began to flourish. His radio audience extended when he gained a spot on Perception FM, the largest pirate radio station in the Bedfordshire area. His audience continued to grow over the course of the following year when he began hosting a show on London’s prestigious Rinse FM and started playing at various events in central Europe, alongside other UK artists. It was also at this time that Stomp had relocated to London and the two began working in the studio; resulting in the duos first major release – Snakes – on L Doubles Flex Records. Soon after Outrage made contact with promoters in New York and Philadelphia booking him for such renowned American drum and bass parties as Direct Drive, Mathematics, and Drink Land.

The year 2000 brought Outrage his most influential alliance yet, when he united with Tronic (now known as Amit). The two went straight to the studio and over the following two years released tunes featured on such labels as Nu Urban and Chemical Warfare. These successful releases resulted in the pair meeting Digital, the vanguard of dub-influenced drum n bass; further enhancing their production knowledge and skill with his guidance. It was not long after that Outrage was releasing his own solo efforts on such drum and bass labels as L Plates, Fuze, Basement Records, Proper Talent, Intasound, Inneractive Music and the almighty Metalheadz.  He has showcased his talent at such festivals as the famous Berlin Loveparade and Hungary’s Sziget Festival.  Debuting his live PA skills at Amsterdam’s Ichione Subversive Renaissance in April 2005, Outrage has also crossed over into the category of a live performer.  The notorious emotional atmosphere that is created by his fluxes of diligent breakbeats and fervent bass lines can be heard in his Ableton Live PA.

Since day one Outrage has been a purveyor of abstract music, providing a unique perspective upon dance floor music.  In 2007, Outrage proudly launched Backlash Records, focusing on bringing forth experimental beats to breathe a newfound life into the electronic music scene.  Backlash Records embraces the musical taboo and encourages like-minded artists to free themselves from the constraints the music industry has placed on the producer.  

With a sturdy past and forthcoming catalogue from some of the greatest free-thinkers in electronic music, Backlash Records will be one that caters to a panoramic audience, not as customers, but as listeners.  Look for the label to cross cultural boundaries as well as the ever-present generation gap by employing the music as art, and not a consumer product.  The first release came from the owner himself, released September 24, 2007.  The beats and atmospheres painted a bitter sweet scene and showcased Outrage’s continuing emergence as an artist (and now label owner) ahead of the status quo.

Now it is 2008 onwards, and Outrage has forthcoming releases on some of the most distinguished labels around, collaborations with equally distinguished artists and some fusion projects alongside Bill Laswell, Herbie Hancock and crew in New York.  And also due to be launched this year will be Whisper Audio and J-Tek Records. 

Whisper Audio was founded in 2006 after drum and bass producers Outrage and Aperture were grace with the vocal presence of siren enchantress Kirsty Hawkshaw.  The collaboration was the genesis of a unique hybrid of cutting edge beats and bass, developed orchestration, and ethereal vocal arrangement.  A new sound was born.  Building upon shared knowledge and individual perspective of the music industry, the three decided to join forces for the first release.  Whisper Audio’s sole pursuit is the development and recognition of experimental music with emphasis on vocal integration. 

J-Tek Records is a new label from a crew consisting of Outrage, Digital (Function, Timeless, Metalheadz), Modular (HardLeaders, Flex, Lab Logic), Aperture (Whisper Audio, Metalheadz, Paradox Music), and the original jungle don Randall (Mac II, Metalheadz, Reinforced) which brings back the long lost jungle techno sound. Fusing classic 4/4 rhythms and syncopated funk breakbeats, J-Tek takes us to a classic age of electronic music (1992-1994) that was short-lived, but full of energy. J-Tek serves as a bridge between the ideas of the past and the engineering of the future, and the 140-150 bpm tempo provides crossover ability with other dance genres. Once again, DJs will have the ability to build sets with elements of both house and jungle, uniting the market. The J-Tek crew is aimed at employing their own identity when creating the music, deriving inspiration from Jungle, Techno, Electro, House, Acid, Hip-Hop, Dub, and Reggae – amongst other genres…