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Outlaw (Bh)

Manama, Bahrain

Funk / R&B, Hip-Hop

AKA: Mohammed Ghuloom

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Dj Outlaw, born Mohammed Ghuloom AKA – the founding member of Outlaw Productions (which is the leading Hip Hip organization of its kind within the Middle East) is born and raised in the Kingdom of Bahrain, fascinated by the hip hop movement from a very early age. His musical career started back in ’97 when he began as an independent Dj. However, unlike the few other of the time, Outlaw refused to limit his career to merely Djing at parties. As his understanding and thirst for the art form grew, so did his talent; this began to become apparent in ’99 when he managed to start his own music production studio at home. Up until this day, Outlaw has all his efforts set on digging for fresh, youthful talented individuals who have the same passion for hip hop allowing him to be one of the only individuals in the region that offers –both, proper equipment to work with as well as the right environment for Hip Hop break through to begin.

Through out the years, Outlaw has accomplished organizing and performing in many events such as The “Promote Peace Through HipHop” Concert featuring Washington based hiphop group Opus Akoben and Army of One, “Bring it on” Break dancing contest, the “Tupac Still Breathing Tour” featuring the Outlawz, Young Blaze and Dj Domination, not to mention the numerous shows he has done covering the entire Middle East region, his most recent being the Redbull air race show held in Abu Dhabi, the Red House hip hop festival featuring Canadian artist Big Page and G-unit’s Hot Rod, the Raw Power MMA event and an opening set for “the brown and friendly” comedy tour featuring Maz Jobrani and most recently the Urfilez VIP launch event featuring artists such as, James Ingram, Jennifer Hudson, Lazee, Rashid AlMajed, Billy Joel’s Band and more.

Currently, Dj Outlaw is known to be affiliated with the legendary Outlawz and is a member of the famous Slip and Slide Djs coalition consisting of artists such as Trina, Rick Ross and plise signed to their label. He has also been recently labeled as one of the official Coast2Coast Mixtape DJs.

After being signed to music distribution company “UrFilez”, Outlaw has recently released his debut studio album “History in the Making” featuring many local and international artists combined. “This album portrays the idea of the Middle East meeting with the West-forming a huge unity under one album.” – He says, which is a mere microcosm of the general goal Dj Outlaw strives to achieve.

With that said, Dj Outlaw one of the first producers to deviate away from attaching himself to only one extreme. He fuses together the West with the East in the hope that the two worlds would meet and result in a unique and fresh sound to the public’s ears. The album offers different genres, ethnic backgrounds, ages and genders all tied together. It is the first within-region album to be distributed in musical outlets across the country as well as being sold on all digital distribution companies including iTunes and Amazon.

Dj Outlaw has also been the founder of the growing mixtape series “The Middle East invasion” which has grown in double the size between volume 1 and 2. These mixtapes have become increasingly popular for being the only mixtape series to present pure Arabian talent through their music which was handpicked from a vast amount of submissions by Dj Outlaw himself so that the world can experience the sounds of what Arabian hip-hop has to offer.

On the other hand, he has also has successfully released mixtapes with artists such as , Shadyville/Gunit’s DJ Woogie, G-unit, Dj Lord sear, MC Lyte, Jaz O, Outlawz, Young Blaze, Hot Rod, Ludacris, TQ, Ace Hood, Freeway, Stormey Coleman, actor Orlando Jones with over 10,000 downloads for some of these projects.

It is because of these accomplishments that Dj Outlaw is now known as being the Middle East’s very own musical phenomenon of our time – A national pride.