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Thíra, Greece


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“For me, everything is an instrument, it all has sound. So in my eyes, I play every instrument, or at least I can create sound from anything. I think that’s the beauty of music. It’s not only about talent, it’s about perspective and the knowledge of how to create something from nothing and vice versa.” ~OSUNLADE, President, Yoruba Records

Yoruba Record’s task is simple; to create good music that elevates humanity and expands the soul. From this premise, music is created freely to fully honor our ancestral lineage.

Created by the maestro Osunlade, Yoruba Records cleverly combines spirit, passion and honesty that threads into each dynamic composition. Osunlade’s remarkable gifts have colored the scores of many of the music industry greats including Patti Labelle, India.Arie, Najee, Roy Ayres, Eric Benet, Lauryn Hill, Eric Roberson, Vivian Green, Musiq and beyond. His musicality and integrity has put him in the forefront of the revolution of GOOD MUSIC.

Artist from around the globe have landed within the heart of Yoruba Records with vast musical talents ranging from production and songwriting to djing and breathtaking live performances. We are Osunlade, Nadirah Shakoor, Quetzal Guerrero, Djinji Brown, Gabriele Poso, Jimmy Abney, Nomumbah, Ifefe Iku, God, life, nature and the Orisha’s. Individuality these artists are brilliant and collectively we simply call the experience ‘The Yoruba Soul Orchestra’ whose ‘08 tour is electrifying crowds around the world.

Yoruba Records is the sole label for Osunlade and it is ever expanding and evolving into an illuminated tapestry. Our common thread is remembering that good music’s eternal honestly is to create a reflection of the SOUL.