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Take electronica, mash it up with trip hop via jazz, funk and pop and you might find yourself in the electronic la-la land that is osh10 (aka Aimee Chapman). Starting with chameleon vocals, funked out bass, beats, synth and effects to create a sound that has been likened to everyone from Bjork and Portishead to the 70s funk of Parliament. With a brand new album ‘One Hundred to the Ground’ released in July 2011, things are getting very busy for Miss Chapman. Having only recently returned from a ten show tour of Japan as well as Denmark and France to showcase her new album, osh10 closed out the year with the release of her remix album ‘Heart:Disambiguated’ in December– which featured remixes by the likes of DJ Soup (Editor, Miso) and

Denmark’s Anders Bach (Birk Storm, Icecream Cathedral) . 2012 is shaping up to be even busier with a new album in the works, return visits to Japan, Denmark and France, Australian West Coast performances and a showcase performance at Adelaide’s Fuse Festival.

‘You just cannot help but adore osh10, and the crowd made her known of that with cheers, laughter, applause and murmurs and nods of approval. Her talent, her sharp sense of rhythm, her vocal and her passionate outlook towards life inspired the crowd to go anywhere with her.’

‘My Fave: My favorite this month is the unusual osh 10, that combines creative bass with the amazing vocals of Aimee Chapman. Using loops and effects, osh10 creates a full band sound. Her delivery is very much her own, but it is reminiscent of Bjork or Canada’s Ember Swift, and her lyrics are pure poetry, dealing with relationships and inner awareness rather than Swift’s social-consciousness. This is definitely a group to watch. She has toured Canada, and there is hope that osh10 will find her way to the States soon’- Skope Magazine