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Oscar Mulero

Madrid, Spain


Audio Assault, Detroit Underground, EC Records
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Oscar Mulero’s career as a DJ has been as prolific and long lasting as the progress of dance music in our country. As an key figure in this evolution, Oscar has always absorbed new trends and kept his finger on the pulse of electronic dance music from the

end of the 80’s to the present. Today it is impossible to understand the phenomenon of the DJ in Spain without taking into account his tireless work behind the decks for more than a decade.

Oscar began to DJ at the end of the 80’s in Madrid’s most forward looking clubs such as Imposible, Capital, Kitch and Babia playng Gothic Rock and Electronic Body Music, the dominant styles of the time. In 1991 he began to play at the legendary New World, Madrid’s most influential afterhours and y the middle of the 90’s he had helped to set up and run The Omen, a club which quickly became the focus for hypnotic dance in Spain.

The closure of this legendary club in 1995 marked a change of direction in Oscar’s career . He began play all round Spain and gradually distanced himself from the trancy lysergic sound he had previously favoured and moved towards the more basic minimal techno influenced by artists such Joey Beltram and the new Detroit sounds of Jeff Mills.

Oscar had become an icon and the maximum exponent of the hard techno sound in Spain and his popularity grew in an unstoppable geometric progression. Oscar’s sound became more and more focused, incorporating the techno’s most forward looking developments into his sets. His incredible skills behind the decks and spectacular EQ techniques (‘often imitated , never duplicated’ to misquote Lil Louis) never leave the crowd indifferent. Oscar has released two CD mixes to date. The first About Discipline and Education (So Dens, 1998) showcases the latest sounds personified by Surgeon, Ho, Polson and Ruskin alongside some classics of Hard Techno. His second mix Era (Rexxistance, 2000) brings together the most advanced sounds ranging from Autechre through to the essentials from Ho, Ruskin, Surgeon and Mulero himself.

While his DJ schedule took him round the world, Oscar started producing and released his first record Quite Inusual (1999) co-produced with label owner Groof, on his Madrid label Brainwaves. Later came a Different View (Kobayashi 1999) and a various artists LP Planet Kobayashi featuring Oscar’s track Problem Child. In 2000 Oscar set up his own label Warm Up and began to focus on his studio work. The first two releases Medical Mesh and Sans Souci went down well and were included in the Top 10’s of artists such as Surgeon y Ben Sims. Since then he has gone on to record prolifically for well known international labels such as Theory where he has released Next Wave (2001), Bad Company (2001) and Anaconda (2001).

Oscar has also released Indoor Culture Remixes (2002) and Trolley Route (2002) a melodic Detroit influenced 3 track EP on the British label Pure Plastic. On the same label and in the same style he has also released Occhi Chiusi (2003) the first Trolley Route LP which includes remixes by artists such as Robert Hood and Steve Rachmad. The Trolley Route sound is also designed for home listening not purely for the dancefloor. The Breakthrough Remixes (2002) appeared Stimulus and the Altered State EP on Coda and the Unexpected EP a coproduction with Christian Wünsch on Sheep Records. In 2003 Oscar released the “Just Flat and Dry” on the Slovakian label Palicavonzvreca.

Oscar has also continued to put out quality music on Warm Up – Floodland, Learning To Be a Machine, Rented Opinión ( with C. Wúnsch, Exium y Groof), CV is dead, Payback EP (written and produced by Mark Broom), Action Through Inaction (with Cage and OR) and finally The Nine the label ninth release.

Oscar’s experimental tendencies and his desire to explore have led him to champion other styles outside the confines of techno such as Electro and Drum’n’Bass. He forms part of the Dark Archives Collective alongside DJ Pitch, Focus and DJ Muerto running Altered State the first club in Madrid to promote the Drum’n’Bass sound and one of the most underground and futuristic in the capital.

Twelve years experience in the world of techno, his charisma and his professionalism have turned Oscar into something more than just a DJ. Oscar is admired wherever he goes and nobody can deny his status in the Spanish techno scene. However what is truly remarkable is that all his success has come from the things he most identifies himself with: hope, dedication and one hundred per cent passion for his work.