It is hard to explain in a few words Oscar de Rivera's long and successful career, which has last more than 16 years. What really defines his work and his way of facing thi... read more
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It is hard to explain in a few words Oscar de Rivera’s long and successful career, which has last more than 16 years. What really defines his work and his way of facing this job is constancy, quality and self-assurance.

Oscar posses a clear and refined musical style having in House Music his leading identity. Expert in all the techniques required by this musical style, Oscar evolves perfectly around all the different expressions of House Music, playing nowadays in his sets from Deep, Electro, Minimal or Tribal to the most Underground House.

One of Oscar’s secret, and maybe what has made him conquer the best clubs around the world, is without doubt his great adaptation capacity to all the dance floors he has visited. This flexibility means to fulfil all the expectations his visit rises and keep the dance floor moving and vibrating constantly being impossible to stop dancing.

That is possible thanks to his great psychology reading the dance floor, his experience and his amazing sound, which never disappoints anyone. The strength and enthusiasm Oscar’s sets are known for and the energy his displays in his performances cause everyone’s excitement being impossible to control themselves, trapped in his surrounding sound and big persuasion capacity.

Another big objective for Oscar, and he knows how to do it, is keep a constant evolution in his musical style and career. Therefore the musical innovation which defines his sets is one of the biggest appeal for those electronic music lovers who are always searching the exclusivity and the novelty. Thanks to all these characteristics, Oscar is nowadays one of the most respected Spanish Clubbing Scene Dj’s.

We have to add that Oscar is the resident Dj of one of the most important club in Madrid, PEOPLE, being one of the key parts in achieving People’s Spanish prestige. Sundays at People are an unmissable event for everyone who considers himself an electronic music enthusiast.

On another hand and thanks to his big interest on accomplishing his professional development, Oscar’s career is oriented into three directions, not only as a Dj but as a producer and promoter.

Finally we must emphasize his promoting task. From March 2002 every Thursday in Valladolid’s club Mambo Oscar brings together with his partner Edu Sabanah life to his session ‘Roombah’. Roombah has had in its stage really big names in the industry as Chus & Ceballos, Richie Santana, Pete ‘Tha Zouk’, Scarlette Etiene, Javi de Colors and Roman Lieske, among others. This hard work done day by day by Oscar, Edu and the rest of Roombah’s team has made this session to obtain an important place in Spanish House Music Club Scene.

As a result of another Oscar’s work Project, Roombah has its own radio show every Thursday from 21:00 to 23:00 at Europa FM, where Oscar presents and directs the show himself with Edu Sabanah’s collaboration. Oscar is also usual collaborator with DJ Chus in Loca FM’s ‘In Stereo Radio Show’, every Wednesday from 22:00 to 00:00.

In conclusion Oscar de Rivera, thanks to his quality and professionalism developing his work, is nowadays one of the most essential artist to count on every national and international electronic music event, as his club guest appearances list shows: New York, Boston, Miami (USA), Tokyo, Osaka (Japan), Moscow (Russia), Tel Aviv (Israel), Mexico DF (Mexico), Budapest (Hungary), Santo Domingo, Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, Azores (Portugal), Thessalonica (Greece), Munich (Germany) & Ibiza (Spain), among many others.


Oscar De Rivera