Top 25k on The DJ List

Oscar Campbell

Santiago, Chile



Chilean DJ, Oscar Campbell got into the electronic music scene in Chile back in 1996, learning about its beginnings, the style, the people, and what it would be the music that he now spins: techno.

In 2002, he began his career as a DJ, and gradually he started to get recognition as one of the select few good DJs in Santiago, in part for his technique on stage, and on the other hand, for his energy and complete commitment to the audience, just like once his father did.

Renowned in Chile as one of the main DJs spinning techno, he has been in the same stage that David Alvarado ( LA/USA) Alexis Delano ( New York), Vinja ( California), Shawn King ( Cal/Usa ), Axel MC & EDC ( per ), Toni Check (Italy), and among the Chilean DJs Kinaytra, Pato Salinas a.k.a. Dj Tressor, Wask, Rigo Riveros, Freaky Groove, Tony Mass etc.

He has also been spinning in important raves, clubs and parties, national and international.

He played in several places like……Love Parade Stgo de Chile 2005 , Moog ( Spain) , White ( Spain ), Teatro Italia ( Chi ), Casa Club ( Chi ), Café Theatre ( Chi ), Pecado Capital ( Chi ), Blondie (Chi), EarthDance 2003 ( Chi ), Teatro Carrera (Chi ) , Ex Oz ( Chi ), Castillo Roos New Year 2004-2005 ( Chi ) , Club Sweet ( Chi ), Club Lola ( Chi ), O2 ( Chi ), Club Cielo ( Chi ), Costa Varua ( Chi ), Club Noctem ( Chi ), Muelle Baron ( Chi ) , Club Belmundo ( Chi ) , Society Club ( Chi ), Faraon Temuco ( Chi ), Sausalito New year 2005 ( Chi ), etc.

In Europe, he played at Club Moog, in Barcelona, Spain, invited by DJ Paloma Quick.

Now, Back in Chile, he’s proving everyone what an exceptional DJ he is, and showing all the experience he gained in his long stay overseas.

In the 2004 in contracted by Dj Service to be acargo of stan DJ experience in the party Sun Tour de Entel Pcs. Soon to return to being contracted by Dj Service to work for the Falabella mark puncturing discs by but of two months in its stores.

At the moment one is working in the most prestigious store of vinyls and accessories for dj in Chile Noove Record.