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Orto Kore

Caracas, Venezuela

Drum & Bass

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In a violent city from a country forgotten by many, Oscar Cartagena a.k.a. OrtoKore has developed a fruitful musical career as a DJ and producer in his native Venezuela, where not only was he the pioneer of the early hardcore/gabber movement in Caracas around 1998, but through years of hard work, has become one of the fundamental pillars of the Drum and Bass scene in the country. Taking advantage of the musical richness of his natal Caribbean region and his expertise in afrocuban percussion and drumming, this producer has known how to bring himself up, avoiding lost bullets, facing corrupt policemen and moving himself, day-to-day in a lawless city, empowered by his music and those in the scene that keep it together in such a dangerous city. His local fame is due thanks to over 10 years of hard work that began with his extreme neck-snapping beats until today, where he’s become an embassador of the Voodoo Dub sound in Latin America and a new member of the Voodoo Music family in Europe.

Now, vested as one of the authorities in the Drum and Bass scene of Venezuela, he is rising up as one of the new names to watch in the global scene. Ready to take all the wisdom of the streets of Caracas together with the Latin flavors that brought him up, his vision is to bring to the world stage a little bit of what is to be raised in Latin America in these times; always playful, always fun, always ready to party, but keenly aware that the times aren’t good – that things are extreme, violent and hardcore.