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Jeffrey Bakker and Michael Ulrich started out Deejaying in the early 90’s in and around Amsterdam, in clubs like Waakzaamheid, Mazzo, and the Hemkade, alongside loads of well-known dutch artists.

In 1995 they were involved with the Renaissance World tour and played with deejays such as Nalin and Kane, dj Paul Daley (Leftfield), Remy, Hybrid, Ian Ossia, Pete Gooding and many more.

They started out with sequencing in ’96… first played a lot with various hardware synths, just freaking with the frequency knobs. Influenced by guys like Laurent Garnier, Underworld, James Holden and the Sumsonic label. Now producing and Deejaying with the latest software such as Ableton and Traktor.

Out Now:

Orquesm – Dubroo & RoleHigh EP (27th May on Beatport.com)

Orquesm – Follow Up EP (We Continue Digital)

Orquesm – Driekwartels (original mix) will be on compilation album Eleven Five – Various artists (Baroque)

Previous releases:

Orquesm – Impuls (FOEM)

Orquesm – Deepartment Of Chill (Univirtual Music)

Orquesm – Postraumatik (Remedy/Baroque)

Orquesm – Argument EP (Tenebrae records)

Orquesm – Jack Built That (Blaubeat/Baroque)


Hall North – Green Tea (Orquesm Cut Remix)

Bodo Felusch – Pancake (Orquesm remix)

Tracks on compilation albums:

FOEM/Eclectic Youth Vol. 17

Eleven Two – Various artists (Baroque)

Eleven Five – Various artist (Baroque)

New tracks signed on several labels allready.

But always interested in hearing from new labels!

So contact us for info at [email protected]

Tracks are at:


Deejay sets are at: