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AKA: Ornella Schlechmair

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Ornella Schlechmair

is an Austrian Djane, an absolute all-rounder

Delivering everything from Techno to House

and Hiphop

Ornella was born in 1984 in the town of Braunau

By the age of 6 she was functioning as a two

armed CD changer for Mum & Dad and at the age of 12 she

began to acoustically bombard her older sister .

Her musical influences were a few Piano lessons,

a couple of months of playing Drums plus Flute & Guitar

but it became very obvious that her Instrument would be the Turntable

and that in the future she would rather pump endorphine into the heads of the party crowd

than getting on the nerves of her Music Teacher .

She played on her first Turntables at the age of 15 and In 2001 she met the Clean Scene Cuts crew, and occasionally mixed up some music with them

Soon after that she joined Female Pressure . This, of course, was absolutely essential .

In the following years Ornella played mainly In Austria but she also spun some Vinyl in Germany & Spain ,actually, the typical, boring DJ Biography but sorry, it really was like this !

Her Musical Repertoire spans from fresh Hip-Hop to rough Techno which can degenerate into Hardtech Orgies with 80ties flavours and medleys

Meanwhile, she doesnt just spin on the Turntables, but also takes her CD Bag with her, and sometimes she includes some of her own Tracks

Hey style knows few borders, and she surprises again & again with Constellations that one doesn`t hear every day .

And, apart from that she`s a damned cool person to know