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Original Johnny A

Toronto, Canada

Hip-Hop, Reggae / Dub

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The power of music influenced Johnny A at a very young age as it awoke a dormant passion that people are either born with or without. The classic Hip Hop and RnB music scene of the 80’s led young Johnny A to begin learning the craft of djing at the age of only 13. This led to his first house party gig at the precocious age of 14. As time has progressed, Johnny A has been influenced by other genres of music including reggae/dance hall, pop, rock, and house leading to the evolution of his distinct and unique mashup dj style. Johnny A’s dj career has already been quite prolific, as he has djed over 1000 parties and events over the last 15 years. This is a testament to his professionalism, versatility, skill, and passion for performing.

Johhny A is well respected in the local and international nightlife scene as he has had several gigs and residencies at some of the hottest venues/events locally in the Greater Toronto Area as well in other parts of the world including: Europe (Netherlands), Caribbean (Jamaica) and other parts of North America (Detroit, Niagara Falls, & L.A.). His adaptability and talent has also led him to be booked continuously for private engagements and corporate events.

Johnny A realizes that there is nothing more important than the performance; setting the tone, environment and atmosphere at an event leads to a party that will not soon be forgotten. He does not just play the club bangers, but makes careful song selection that any music lover can appreciate. Every gig is a unique opportunity for Johnny A to reach out and connect with people as well as bring complete strangers together under the universal umbrella of music and dance.