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One Winged Angel

Miami, United States

Drum & Bass, Dubstep

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Hailing from his hometown of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and the ONLY one-armed DJ in the United States, One-Winged Angel stands as one of the most versatile, diverse, and skilled DJs in the music industry and nightclub circuit. He established his reputation in Oklahoma with his signature Drum & Bass and Dubstep regimen, and wowing the crowd with remarkable transitions between House, Trance, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Breaks, & Electro; playing venues & events around the Oklahoma City metro such as POSH inside Club City Walk, ROBOTIC Wednesdays at Kamp’s, Bonfires & Bass, Paseo Underground, Frequency Nightclub, Industry Nightclub, Anatomy, The Underground, The Wreck Room, The Park, Angles Club, and more, helped build a strong fanbase; and opening events for such well-renowned artists as DJ Icey, DJ Baby Anne, Dieselboy, J Rabbit, Terra Vita, Reid Speed, Jeremy Dawson, & Alex Sin, has given him celebrity status in his hometown and elsewhere across the United States. One-Winged Angel took flight in August of 2013, landing in Miami, Florida, and diving headfirst into the local nightclub circuit headfirst.

In May 2012, One-Winged Angel founded his own independent record label and production company – ANGELDUST PRODUCTIONS – which has hosted events throughout the Midwest, with a talent roster that continues to grow, and is partnered with Magellanic Records/Galaxy Audio Production. One year later, One-Winged Angel released his first Drum & Bass album on his own label, “The Null & Void EP”.

From the moment he drops the needle on the first record, to the moment the last record runs out, every performance One-Winged Angel gives is absolutely guaranteed to be jam packed with energy, his track selection & ability to read his crowd are mind-blowing, and this makes him the perfect addition to ANY event’s lineup.