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Zürich, Switzerland

Minimal, Tech House

Ondrej Beatport


Ondrej Kolacek aka. Ondrej was born in Czech Republic in 1978. When he was three years old the family relocated to Switzerland. When this small neutral country was swept up in the first techno-wave in 90s Ondrej was a regular visitor to the raves, co-organizing parties and even small festivals. Around 1994 he began buying records and took his first steps at mixing. Soon he was noticed by the most important promoters of Switzerland, and have performed in spectacular festivals attended by thousands of people.

In 2005 he founded the music label KumQuat Tunes. This innovative project, which focuses on high-quality electronic music, is one more step on Ondrej’s path, always in search of greater insight and even better understanding of himself and the music he loves. Nowadays, releases from KumQuat Tunes are often charted by main international DJs and supported by the cases of Hernan Cattaneo, Andr Absolut, Eric Entrena, David Amo & Julio Navas, D-Nox & Beckers Chris Cargo, Kasey Taylor, Kosmas Epsilon among many many others.

Beside his tasks as Head of KumQuat, Ondrej is engaged in others activities like diffusing monthly his expected and perfect mixes on online radio broadcasts as CBAFM of Argentina, Friskyradio and Virus, the national Swiss radio. He is currently supported by Aero-groove and Ibiza-Voice sites.

Ondrej is also revelling challenges of audience in Greece with his “Dynamo” monthly show @ (every 2nd Monday 18h00 GMT time).

Proton Radio broadcasted Ondrej the whole month of June 07 at ?D-Nox In Demand? show, reaching the top ten of listeners and also invited at the renowned ?Guest DJ Zone? show @ Best Radio 92.6 Mhz. in Greece.

Featured on Progress! Party powered by FG Radio France, Ondrej is strongly evolving in the French scene.

His music now focuses on progressive house beats but particularly very uplifting minimal-techno tracks. Sharing line-up with renowned artists as D-Nox & Beckers, Manuel Sofia aka Mos, Jorge Savoretti, Andr Absolut, Thomas Penton, Marc o’ Tool, Oliver Klein, Peter Gun, Solead, Chris Cargo among others, he is gaining international experience playing in Argentina, Uruguay, France, UK, Germany, Russia, Indian Ocean, Czech Republic and Greece. Ondrej became recognized by his warm audience for his subtle, fresh and at the same time powerful-rocking sets and his impeccable mixing techniques.