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Born and raised in Valencia (Spain), DJ and producer that has music in his veins from a young age. With 8 years, he listened music of the greatest like U2, Simple Minds, Michael Jackson, etc … a few years later, awakened his interest in electronic music of the time and the DJ world he began practicing it at 18, he got the attention of people very fast, thanks to its unique and refined style, getting lots of followers and eventually winning competitions and work in early 2000, his style has evolved with the passage of the years and trends, starting with the hardest styles such as hardcore, passed through the dance, trance, house.

Years later, wake up his role as producer and mid-2000, her first track was released, distributed by Contraseña Records, “Bang the Beat”, which would follow more references during the following years, dance-oriented style of that time, years after he launched several references and remixes with other artists and their own, like “The Reborn EP” among others and botlegs of classics like “Michael Jackson-Beat it”.

Today has its own studio and record label “C-clickrecords” and is involved in several major projects, they will will be released soonwith clear international inclination