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Omair Mirza was first introduced to the dance music scene in the summer of 1997. However, it wasn’t until the summer of 1999, when trance and house music exploded into the mainstream market that he decided to further his passion for the music. At that time, eight hours per day for the next year and a half were dedicated to the art of mixing. Omair’s versatile style set the path for the development of his unique sound. An intelligent and eclectic blend of melodic, progressive trance combined with the warmth of deep house undertones. This versatility and diversity set him apart from the rest.

Omair is based in Dallas Texas and has performed at Dallas’ hottest night spots for crowds of thousands. Omair’s popularity continues to grow. He has worked alongside Armin Van Buuren (World’s No. 1 DJ), along with trance icon Paul Oakenfold, amongst many others. Omair’s stage presence is relentless, explosive and full of energy. His live act must be experienced by all. And it is that act, that gave him the opportunity to perform at one of America’s biggest festivals.

In September 2010 Nocturnal Festival attracted over 30,000 spectators. Headliners such as Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Laidback Luke, Fedde LeGrand, ATB, Eddie Halliwell and hundreds of others were featured. And once again, Omair has been invited to play at this festival this spring.

The next step for Omair, was taking on the radio waves. He was the exclusive featured act on Pure FM, holding the prime time broadcast slot every Friday night and broadcasting globally to a fan base of over 100,000 listeners each week from Rio to Sydney, LA to Hong Kong. However Omair parted ways amicably with Pure FM, to focus on other endeavors.

Most recently, he has unleashed his creativity in the studio, experimenting with the diminishing genre boundaries and pushing the progressive trance/house sound to the masses. Through that, gaining support from a who’s who of the trance fraternity. Omair’s building notoriety and high end gigs are the platform upon which the future is being mapped out for this incredible artist. With productions flying out the door, a constant stream of high profile gigs, it’s clear he will leave his mark in this business. Stay tuned for more!