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Tulsa, United States



In 1980, Oly was born to a family rich in Native American culture in Red Rock, OK. Throughout his life, music and dance surrounded him with the rhythm of the world. He sang and danced to the beat of the pow-wow. It was this beat that would lead him to electronic dance music.

One of his older brothers, Charles, opened Oly’s eyes to the sound of the underground. While his brother was away in service for the Army, Oly began listening to DJ mixes and decided to find a way to become a DJ. He sought out local DJs who would be interested in teaching someone new. With no luck, Oly found Planet DJs and Russell Kabir in October 2001. The next month, Oly would be on his way to become a successful DJ and a major part of Planet DJ’s success.

Along his way, Oly met Mayur Vyas and Alex Kirby. These two kats showed Oly how famous DJs use records instead of CDs. The spring of 2002 was the most inspiration for Oly when he saw how DJs in Tulsa and OKC moved crowds with beat mixing, juggling, and scratching. This fueled Oly and in the middle June of 2002, Oly purchased his first records, turntables, and mixer.

Within months, Oly was creating mixes of house, progressive, trance, and hip hop. Yet, something was out of place. His journey took him to Jeff Coats (pookie lansbrook) where he taught Oly about phrasing and patience. Within a month, Oly was mixing great and everything was falling into place.

Learning from Mrs. Johns at Northern Oklahoma College that every artist must promote and advertise for themselves, Oly set out to every club near Stillwater. Oly met up with Johnathan Scrogs and the Refuge where he played his Christian club and opened for him on New Years Eve. God has provided Oly with appearances at Club Sanctuary-OKC, Uncle Bentley’s-Tulsa, Planet DJs Theme Parties-STW, OK, Samurai Saki House and The Roxbury in OKC. Oly has opened up for Culture Shock Camp (Native American MCs, breakers, & DJs) of OKC in Albuquerque, NM for Brenda Wahnee’s Com-n-Acha Wear fashion Show. All this happened in his first year of spinning records and the offer of being apart of The Utopia Crew-Tulsa.

With the start of his second year, Oly’s live performances and great mixing landed Oly gigs at some of Oklahoma’s Premier clubs. From Tremors (inside Tumbleweed’s), Metro, and Eskimo Joe’s in Stillwater; Club Pulse in Ponca City; Studio 54, Club Eclipse, Tsunami’s Sushi House, and IKON in Tulsa; to finally the Martini Grille in Albuquerque, NM. To close out the second year, Oly was asked by to join their family. Since then, the family has become a great part of Tulsa with djs and fans promoting growth and having a great time having parties.

Starting his third year, Oly was recently awarded HONORABLE MENTION in THE NEXT BIG THING DJ CONTEST 2004. It was a great honor for him since the wining dj would open for John Digweed. He got close, top 17 of 2000 djs, but this has only fueled Oly even more to rock crowds and achieve higher levels of djing. What a way to start the year.

Currently, Oly has been handed down Monday Night Mayhem @ Uncle Bentley’s from Jeff Coats. With help from DJ CHRON and Deeper, MOTION MONDAYS (aka Monday Night Mayhem) have quickly taken off and is becoming a bigger night with regional and local talent spinning. Oly is also a resident dj at FUSION Underground of Tulsa. Oly is also handling promotions for Utopia and helping Deeper

Oly plays numerous parties and event throughout the year. Oly gives many thanks to the people who have helped him on the way. Turk, Tony Aco, Jason Jacobs, Damon Chance, Lil Michael, Jamison White, Russ Kabir, Mayur Vyas, and Delvin Toddy just to name a few. Without your help and love, Oly could not be where he is today. Oly would like his music to appeal to every man, woman, and child in which we all can come together in harmony and peace, with God, and Dance.