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At the tender age of 26 the old ‘new talent’ has dj’ed only for 3 years, covering the main musical directions from House to Breakbeat and Electro; performing with a progressive edge alongside Ian Ossia, John ‘00’ Fleming, John ‘Quivver’ Graham, Pole Folder, Ian Pooley, Orkidea and Jori Hulkkonen at various events. His selection of strong melodies, groovy basslines, breakbeats and trance elements can now be heard weekly on Finnish national radio YleX 91.9FM.

Growing in a very musical family and being predisposed to various kind of music since a little kid has probably been the key factor of what OlliS is today. Over ten years of playing the piano and studying the theory of music has educated him an ability to create something memorable and musically touching when performing as a DJ. “Music is everything and everything is music”, as he likes to put it.

Taking influences from classical music to heavy rock, carefully following the electronic music scene from the beginning of the 90s and growing into the trance scene from the mid 90´s he moved to progressive house music. Since then his all time favourites and the most influential DJ’s have been Sasha & Digweed, Chris Fortier, Anthony Pappa, Ian Ossia, Desyn Masiello and Paul Oakenfold to name a few.

Today OlliS has stabilized his place in the Finnish clubbing scene as the leading progressive house DJ and a rising star in the Baltic and Eastern European countries. Having a weekly radio show at Finnish national radio and a monthly residency at Frisky Radio with a success show “Aurea Mediocritas” is keeping him very busy alongside dj´ing. Future plans consist of producing music with a top Finnish producer Miika Kuisma and concentrating more and more on gigging outside Finland.

OlliS represents a new generation of progressive house music, a style that is built on strong basslines, epic melodies and groovy rhythm. His DJ sets are eclective journeys of electronic music combining old and new stuff, always giving the crowd an unforgettable musical journey.


  • Resident DJ at Disco Records
  • DJ’d regurarly at Finnish clubs; Hallmark, Unity, Fantasy, Jack, VooDoo, Illusions, Dive, Pussy Club,
  • 2nd place ‘New DJ of the year’ Finnish Club Awards 2003
  • 5th place ‘DJ of the year’ Finnish Club Awards 2004
  • Residency at 404 Helsinki 2003-2006
  • Radio show on weekly Tuesdays on national radio YleX 91.9FM
  • Radio show monthly on US based Frisky webradio [Aurea Mediocritas]
  • Founding member of the Further -progressive community